Chris Sartain is a third generation Arborist, with 33 years of experience in the field. His family is a Tree family. It all started in the Redwood forest of Yosemite National Park.

My grandfather started with three of his sons removing "Widow Makers" which are limbs that are hanging in branches up high, or limbs that are about to brake. They could very well hurt or kill someone, hence the name widow-maker! Those trees average from 220 plus feet, they are real redwoods!

A few of the uncles started urban tree companies in San Diego and Los Angeles. My father and another brother went into Line Clearing (clearing power lines) so my father could stay in town with his new family.

My father moved to Los Angeles and started his own company in 1963. Chris then became his foreman at the age of 17. We worked together for 14 years, until moving his family to Phoenix Arizona in 1991. He then started his own company, Expedient Tree Care.

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