We refer to "Expedient Tree Care" as not just a Tree Company! Why? Because I care! And we seldom ever remove or cut down trees! I diagnose, carefully examine the roots, branches, leaves, and note all findings. I keep up with the weather all during the year, considering the last few months, as well as the previous couple of years. This includes the trends in weather for the past several months, as precipitation (or lack thereof) affects tree disease.

Tree disease diagnosis, and tree protection treatment begins with a comprehensive inspection of your tree along with it's surroundings and all the information I can get from the home owner. At this point I become a detective as I piece together the elements that caused the tree to decline to the point that intervention is required.

Prevention and caring for trees from the beginning is always the best policy! A tree is just as a child, raise a child in the way he or she should be, and when they are old they will not depart from it!

Know that there are several basic categories that ultimately cause tree disease. Weather causes the greatest pressure or relief for a tree, along with the grounds pH, pollution, and Soil compaction. Both Biotic and A biotic.

Bacteria, virus and fungus: Fungal disease in trees is the most common and if caught early enough can be controlled and even eliminated all together !

Please contact me to take care of all your Tree needs, With my 33 Years Experience I have seen it all !

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